Monday, March 12, 2012

Road Trip Photography

Johnny Reb

On a recent road trip, my wife and I wound up at Antietam Battlefield. One of the areas that I wanted to see was Antietam Bridge; also known as Burnside Bridge.

After I had gone down to the bridge I got to talking with someone and my wife, still up on the hill, took the top photograph. The person to whom I was speaking was hidden behind the tree. However, another person showed up on the photo, someone in a Confederate uniform. We didn’t know that he was there until after I had gone back to the car and was looking at the photos my wife had taken. We were both startled.

To add to the mystery, I then showed her one of the photos that I had taken while down at the bridge. I told my wife about how, as I lined up the scene the way that I wanted, and snapped the shutter, this person showed up in the viewfinder. As I lowered the camera, there was no one there. Here is the image that I had captured.

Later, as I crossed the bridge, before I had gone back up the hill to my wife, I encountered a lady who was photographing the area with a small camera, while holding a small pocket recording device. I got to talking with her and found out that she and a small group of people, who where paranormal investigators, were there that day trying to gather evidence of recent unexplained activities.

Could that have explained how my wife and I both had captured an image with a Confederate soldier in it? You can check the original images and you will find that the Confederate soldier was actually in them. He wasn’t added later.

You know how I know? Well, let’s just say that I would like to thank the young Confederate soldier re-enactor, from South Carolina, who was there doing some research, and agreed to go along with the setup.

However, the lady with the paranormal investigative group was real. She was there and I did have an interesting talk with her. She was quite nice and I enjoyed conversing with her.

One last point of thought, though.

Later on I found out that there were 30 units from South Carolina that fought at Antietam. The Confederate re-enactor, as I mentioned earlier, was from South Carolina as well. He never did give me his name and he kept calling me “Sir” like in “yes sir” and “no sir”, with a southern accent just like a confederate soldier. Come to think of it, he did have a cartridge belt around his shoulder.

Is it possible? Hmmm...

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