Monday, March 19, 2012

Moments In Time

Is It Real?

I was sitting by a window, doing some reading. I glanced out of the window and I could see this cat sneaking up on this flag.

At first I could not believe that it was the flag itself that the cat was looking at, but I grabbed my camera and took this photo. I only had time for this one photo as the cat realized that it was not a real bird and a split second later it turned and walked off to the side.

Yeah, even when sitting by my window, I have a camera close by; for reason’s such as this. You never know what will show up and it’s always best to be ready for anything.

I took this photo through glass and a screen on an overcast day. Not bad for a cropped image. However, had I not had the camera close by I would not have been able to even have a chance for a photo like this…

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