Monday, March 5, 2012

Moment In Time

Dawn Of A New Beginning

A week ago last Friday, February 24th, at 5:30 PM, I packed up my laptop and walked out of my office for the last time. After a two week notice, I quit my job of 25+ years. In short, I had retired.

As so many had done before, I got up early the next day and took several photographs of the sky as morning was breaking; just to record the dawn of a new beginning in my life. This is the image I like best.

Yeah, I know the old saying of, “Red in the morning, Sailor take warning.” However, it is not I who should heed the warning, but life in general. As a newly retired person, who never grew up to become a “grup” but stayed a kid in his thinking, has now become free to roam once again. That is, within the realm of space that my wife of 43 years has given to the man who loves her still, and who appreciates her standing with him all these years.

Yeah, I am retired. I may or may not take on a part-time job somewhere down the road. That is a decision yet to be made. I guess it all depends on what God has in store for me. For now, He has given me some precious free time to enjoy life as I like and to do those things that I’ve been wanting to do.

So, look out world, the “kid” is loose once again and he plans on having fun in, this, his world, and you are welcome to enjoy it with him… :-)


  1. Congrats on the retirement! I am certain that you will make the most of your new journey. and 43 years!!!!!!! That is fantastic, you know how much I want that too...I admire long, good marriages like others admire celebrities. You should do a post on how to make it work for that many years!


  2. Thanks Mindy,

    I believe that you get out of marriage what you are willing to put into it. I would say love unconditionally and forgivingly. Be willing to give more than you take or want. Make sure that your mate is also your best friend, above all other of your friends... :-)