Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Black & White Photography

Update On Burnside Bridge


While doing some follow up research on the Battle of Antietam, I came across the photo to the left. It was taken shortly after the battle in September of 1862. The photographer was the famed Civil War photographer Alexander Gardner.

What I noticed that was very interesting is that it was taken at just about the same place where I took my photograph ( below ) of the same bridge. It’s fascinating to note that not only was I standing where a major part of the battle took place, but also at almost the very same spot where Mr. Gardner took his photograph.

I guess it is true, if you are looking you will see, and what you will see is what caught the attention of others. In the end, you wind up seeing and photographing the same thing because it was from the best spot available to tell the necessary story.

I like to think, now, that Mr. Gardner and I saw the same thing – only 150 years apart.

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