Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black & White Photography

C&O Past

Silent Watcher

Day two of week number two of the B&W walk down memory lane.

Today we have the first of three vertical images that made the top thirty list. These images are taken from past journal entries. In case you haven’t heard, at the end of the week I enter into retirement. For the past two weeks I’ve been preparing for the final move and just have not had the time for good photography, except for a few youth sports events.

So, to fill in for now I’ve been displaying my all time top thirty B&W images that I have brought to you on Riff’s Photography Journal. I hope you have enjoyed the ones I’ve put up already and that you will hang in there to see what will be posted the rest of the week.

Yeah, these are from my world and you are welcome to it…

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