Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Black & White Photography


The Flag by Holga

Heading East, from Cumberland, on I68 you will top a mountain where you will see this - a flag on a pole sticking out of a lone tree.

I have seen the flag in a tattered shape, but someone must be taking care of it as the flag is changed when the need arises. I have no idea of who it is or even why they started flying the flag in such a place in the first place.
I’ve tried several times to capture the flag from different angles while driving past and I have never come up with something that I liked. Until now.

When I saw what the image was like, I knew that this called for a B&W photo, but it had to be somewhat different. I had played around with the “holga” effect before in Photoshop Elements and I felt that this image was a good subject for the action. For me, this is what I wanted.

So, here it is. We have a flag portraying old time values and showing it as an image taken with an old time camera, and it’s just like the title says, “The Flag by Holga!”

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