Monday, December 12, 2011

Road Trip Photography

Field & Mountain


Sometimes a photo op just presents itself. This is another example.

I was heading West on Rt. 50 in WV and was just topping Knobly Mountain when I saw in the distance snow lined mountain tops. Where I was there was no snow and some of the field grass was still green. I knew a photo op was coming.

I picked up my camera & turned it on. It’s always preset for what I want so that all I have to do is just point & shoot. There was time for only one shot and this was it.

We just recently had snow warnings but the only snow was on the mountain tops and west of us in another country. We got nothing. Here the contrast was striking and for me photo situations, like this one, don’t come along that often. Hope you like it as well…


  1. Just beautiful Glenn! I really love the contrast!

  2. Wonderful shot. Haybales, old equipment and shed.. And wonderful snow. =D