Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Black & White Photography


West Virginia Farm House


There are many such older farm houses in WV and MD. This one is on Patterson Creek Road, between Burlington and Petersburg, WV. The farm house that my dad grew up in was similar to this one, even though all that is left of is is an empty shell of a building in Lost City, WV.

I look at homes like this one, and seeing how they are still being used, is a tribute to how well many of the homes of the past were built. Yeah, there were quite a few that would not stand the test of time, but then you see something like this and you know it was built with love and a sense of doing what is right in building a home that would last.

The history that is present in those walls can never be known, except only by those who have the blessing of still living in such wonderful places of life. Yes, life. Life in the walls, in the rooms and in the people who still live there. This is on a working farm and it would be interesting to see what this home is like 10 or maybe 20 years from now.

I hope I can still do so… 

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