Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Black & White Photography

Field Barn


My Dad was raised on land like this. While still in school he, his brothers and his Dad would get up early and go out and feed the live stock, while grandma went about fixing breakfast for them.

When the chores were finished, they would head back to the house and have breakfast. Once finished, and they were washed up, the boys would head off to school while granddad went off to work.

It was a small farm, just a few head of cattle, some pigs and chickens and an assortment of other animals. For the most part, they grew their own food, in addition to the livestock, and my grandfather worked in a Tannery to earn what money they needed to keep the farm going.

In the evening they would do the same and then have supper, followed by homework.

I see a scene like this and it makes me realize how good and easy we have it today. I can’t imagine living as my Dad and his family did. It had to have been a hard life, but they survived and they all seemed happy, even in later life when they no longer lived and worked on the farm, but that’s another story…

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  1. Nice image and story Glenn! I like how you processed it too. It brings us back in time a bit. Looking forward to more of your father's story!