Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Black & White Photography

Heading For The Barn


Early morning and I’m heading for the barn. There’s a storm coming and I must get my work done before it hits.

The air is chilly as I walk up the hill but I’m dressed for the work that I must do. I can finish up in a couple of hours what needs to be done before it rains, and I can do the other chores later when I don’t have to be out of doors.

It’s my farm and the work must be completed no matter what the weather, but I like it. If I didn’t I would be here. When it comes to farm work there are no holidays or time off. You do what you can when you can and when it needs to be done.

Yeah, this is my barn. It may be old, but it’s mine…

Isn’t it amazing what comes out of my mind. Sometimes I even surprise myself…


  1. Oh My! What a great B&W! Another one of yours that I classify as "beautiful" and "eerie" at the same time. You have a knack for doing that as I remember I've commented on earlier pixs that have the same type of "feeling" about them. As always...well done!

  2. Awesome! I love it so much :)