Wednesday, December 21, 2011

B&W Street Photography

Smokin’ Santa Helper


In a recent outing at a local shopping mall, I spotted this young lady walking across the parking lot. Other than basic black & white clothing, the only color she had was with her “red” Santa Hat.

Immediately I grabbed my camera and just as she approached the side walk she took a puff on a cigarette just as I snapped the shutter. A real smokin’ Santa helper was the first thing about which I thought and that became the title for this photo.

I just had to leave the “red” hat in this b&w image, just because it was the only color in it, and the silhouette made because of the bright background, and the fact that I had already pre-set the camera for a 2/3 under stop exposure, just made the photo that much easier to create.

Sometimes things just fall into place just at the right time… :-)