Monday, November 7, 2011

Road Trip Photography

Antiques For Picking


When I came across this building the first thing that I thought of was the TV show called “American Pickers”.

This is a show that is on the History Channel and stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as the "Pickers". Of course there is Danielle Cushman as well. She’s the one that keeps the guys busy with all of the leads that she finds and passes on to them; not to mention that she is a lot easier to look at than are the boys... :-)

Speaking of Mike and Frank, they are antique seekers and they travel the country to find unique items that they can buy and resell. They have even been in our area and that, in itself, was an interesting show to watch, and I’m glad that I saw it.

Now this barn can be found on Rt. 50 east of Romney, WV in a little town called Augusta, and it just seems like the type of place in which the Pickers would be interested. I’ve never been in here, but I hope to one day get back there and go in for myself and see what they have. I do know that Mike and Frank would be quite interested in the signs that are on the building as that is something they do look for.

Who knows, maybe one day they will come back and check out this place. In the mean time, one can only wonder what can be inside. Maybe I’ll be able to find out one day…

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