Monday, November 14, 2011

Moment In Time

Old Camera Photo

I first started taking photos back in the 60’s. A Kodak 126 film camera was what I first used. The results were “iffy”. A lot had to do with the lighting of the day as the camera had one shutter speed and one f'/stop.

If it was sunny you got a nicely exposed image, full of color and good definition. However, I found out that if the weather was overcast and bright enough then you  would get a nicely saturated image that was exposed just enough to really look good.

That is what I tried to reproduce in this image. I had in mind, when I took this photo, and old film camera look, along the lines of a 126 film camera and this is pretty close to what you would expect; if you had a good camera.

In the 80’s, when the 126 phase was at it’s best, the film of choice was Kodacolor VR200. It was a 126 film and you got 24 exposures. K-Mart sold it for about $3.19 which would be about $8 to $10 in today’s money.

You almost always got a better image with a slightly underexposed “positive” or slide film and with negative film, like the 126 film, it was mostly just the opposite. A slightly overexposed image would produce better results. Only when it was overcast, and sometimes slightly misty, could one expect to achieve a result like this when you had a slightly underexposed image on negative film.

Yeah, sometimes one would just get lucky and not know it until the film was developed and an image was made. Nowadays, one can achieve the same results, instantly, in photoshop... :-)

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