Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black & White Photography

A Walk Down Foggy Lane


It was early in the morning and as I was driving down the back roads in the fog I came across this lane. Immediately I had in mind a B&W image.

After photographing this view and converting it to a B&W image I’ve looked at this photo time and again. To me it’s a place of wonder and of imagination. Would you go down this road? What lies at the end of it?

For me, I see a road that leads to a place of solitude, where a fireplace in a rustic home awaits. The air is cool and the misty fog envelops my thoughts. I arrive at the door and as I walk in I’m greeted with, “Have a nice walk?”

“Yes”, I reply. “It was wonderful walking down to the road, but it’s good to get back and be greeted with a nice cup of cocoa. Especially when it is made by you. Thanks.”

OK, it’s my blog so I can imagine anything I want. Anyway, hope you like the photo… :-)