Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Street Photography / Black & White


I Wonder What She Is Thinking?     

I came across this foursome the other day and I noticed how the two men were listening quite intently to what the woman at the other end of the bench was saying.

Then I noticed how the fourth person, the Lady in the hat, seemed to be off somewhere in a world all her own. I don’t think she was listening to what the others were talking about, but it amazed me that she just seemed to be all alone in her thoughts.

It was at this point when I realized that I was wondering what she was thinking? I quickly lifted my camera and took this photo. None of them seemed to notice that I was there and the other three just kept on talking, and the Lady in the hat just kept looking off, just being someone in a place of her own choosing. As for what she was thinking… we’ll never know.

Ummm, I wonder what she really was thinking?

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  1. Just amazing! Photographers see things that the "aveage" person just wouldn't spend time looking at or looking for. There is a story to be told just about everywhere/anythime. Case in point, I took a picture of weeds this week that turned out quite nicely (in my humble opinion). I'm becoming more convinced that the more "unaverage" a photo is...the more appeal it has.

    As always, your B&W's tell such a beautiful story. Always waiting for more!