Monday, October 10, 2011

Sports Photography

SavageMan 30 Triathlon

A few weeks ago I had the privilege and fun of being one of the photographers to cover the SavageMan 30 Triathlon.

The year before I had covered this event and where I set up to photograph the run portion had me seeing nothing but “greenery” as the background for each shot. So, this year I wanted something different.

I had walked along the portion of the run, where I was to work, and I discovered this view where the Lake would be in the background. I felt this was the best place to setup. The open space was being lite by an overcast day and, for most of the event, that is how the lighting stayed. It sure made photographing the Athletes that much easier.

In the first photo you can see where I set up my little photographers seat and “accessories” and from here I could sit and photograph the runners as they came by; and I did.

In the second photograph you can see what the result was. For me, this was far better than last year and it did allow me a little more room for shooting the runners as they came by.

Even though this was within a mile of the finish line you can see that this athlete, at least, was still in good spirits. Maybe it was because he knew the finish line was close and the Triathlon, at least for this day, was almost over.

In fact, almost all of the Athletes that came by were still in a pretty good mood and most acknowledged that they saw the camera and quite a few give different looks from thumbs up, a heart symbol with their hands, to hands flying in the air. They really made good subjects to photograph.

I do love the smile and the look on this Athlete. I call this one "Red Runner"... :-)

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