Monday, October 31, 2011

Road Trip Photography

A Country Morning


Last Friday morning, while heading over to a call in WV, I came upon an accident and the traffic was stopped. It was a pretty bad accident which resulted in needing three ambulances. I did get a photo of the cars involved but this is what really caught my eye.

While sitting in the traffic, waiting for a lane to be opened, I looked over to my left and this is the scene that was before me. It was amazing how this could look so idyllic just a few hundred feet from something so horrible as the accident.

I already had my camera on the seat beside me and I took a few photos, and this is the one that I liked the most. Even when ugly is not far away, if you will just look, one can find some beauty close by.

For the most part, any morning in the country can provide one with scenes like this. That is what I like about my world. If you look for ugly you will find it. If you look for beauty, there is more of that and you will easily find it. The thing is, however, if you are not looking you will never see.

This is my world and you are welcome to it…


  1. Beautiful! Love the sunbeams. Now we both have a white horse in our photo collection:) Well Done!

  2. Thanks for sharing your photo of the beauty you found, even in the midst of tragedy. The "good" is always there, but sometimes we have to search for it! What a contrast the next day with your snow pics! I bet that pot of chili tasted good! =)