Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Road Trip Photography


Evitt’s Mt Orchard


One of the reasons that I started this photo blog was to show what it is that I like about where I live. I’ve somewhat gotten away from that and I want to get back on course, beginning with Evitt’s Mt Orchard.

I’ve been wanting some Stayman apples and I haven’t been able to find any locally. I heard about this place just a short drive up in PA in a town called Centerville so, last Saturday, my wife and I drove up there.

We went with the idea of just getting some apples but, after getting there and looking around, we not only got some Stayman apples, but we also bought some Apple Butter, Apple Cider, Southern Sunshine Preserves and some very delicious Pumpkin Butter.

Never had Pumpkin Butter before, but after tasting some we just had to take a pint home with us. It is great on homemade bread or on our favorite, Portuguese Bread. It is places like this, where we can buy locally, that gives us the biggest satisfaction and, for the most part, provides us with the best bargains as well.

So, when you come to my world, here in Western MD, you will have to take a little detour up to Centerville, PA to visit Evitt’s Mt Orchard. They are very friendly, will tell you all about what they have and give you the opportunity to take a taste before you buy.  BTW, they are only open from about July 31st, through the Summer, until they sellout in the Fall. It is worth the trip.

Yeah, this is my world and you are welcome to it… :-)

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