Monday, October 31, 2011

Road Trip Photography

A Country Morning


Last Friday morning, while heading over to a call in WV, I came upon an accident and the traffic was stopped. It was a pretty bad accident which resulted in needing three ambulances. I did get a photo of the cars involved but this is what really caught my eye.

While sitting in the traffic, waiting for a lane to be opened, I looked over to my left and this is the scene that was before me. It was amazing how this could look so idyllic just a few hundred feet from something so horrible as the accident.

I already had my camera on the seat beside me and I took a few photos, and this is the one that I liked the most. Even when ugly is not far away, if you will just look, one can find some beauty close by.

For the most part, any morning in the country can provide one with scenes like this. That is what I like about my world. If you look for ugly you will find it. If you look for beauty, there is more of that and you will easily find it. The thing is, however, if you are not looking you will never see.

This is my world and you are welcome to it…

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Road Trip Photography


Evitt’s Mt Orchard


One of the reasons that I started this photo blog was to show what it is that I like about where I live. I’ve somewhat gotten away from that and I want to get back on course, beginning with Evitt’s Mt Orchard.

I’ve been wanting some Stayman apples and I haven’t been able to find any locally. I heard about this place just a short drive up in PA in a town called Centerville so, last Saturday, my wife and I drove up there.

We went with the idea of just getting some apples but, after getting there and looking around, we not only got some Stayman apples, but we also bought some Apple Butter, Apple Cider, Southern Sunshine Preserves and some very delicious Pumpkin Butter.

Never had Pumpkin Butter before, but after tasting some we just had to take a pint home with us. It is great on homemade bread or on our favorite, Portuguese Bread. It is places like this, where we can buy locally, that gives us the biggest satisfaction and, for the most part, provides us with the best bargains as well.

So, when you come to my world, here in Western MD, you will have to take a little detour up to Centerville, PA to visit Evitt’s Mt Orchard. They are very friendly, will tell you all about what they have and give you the opportunity to take a taste before you buy.  BTW, they are only open from about July 31st, through the Summer, until they sellout in the Fall. It is worth the trip.

Yeah, this is my world and you are welcome to it… :-)

Monday, October 24, 2011

A View From Western Maryland


Fall Scenes – Up & Down

A Fall Sky    

This is not a timed photo. I did not set my camera on a tripod and then set a slow shutter speed in order to capture this sky view. Recently, at a youth soccer game, in between quarters, I was looking around and as I turned I noticed the sunset view.

The clouds were being blown by strong upper winds as I captured this scene. My camera settings were ISO at 1600, as the light on the ground was getting quite dark and I needed the high ISO in order to give me a fast enough shutter speed for capturing the action. I was shooting in Aperture Priority mode, set @f/4.5, and this gave me the 1/3200 shutter speed as I pointed my lens at the bright sky.

So you can see that I had a fast shutter speed and that’s how I was able to capture these clouds being blown by the winds making the photo look like it was taken at a slow shutter speed.

Fall On The Ground

How many times do we see photos of the landscape in the Fall showing all of the colors of the changing trees? However, as seen in the first photo, there are other Fall scenes that can be captured as well.

This photos is of ground cover on a hillside in my backyard. To me, it is every bit as colorful as any tree one may see this time of the year. In fact, almost all of the trees in my neighborhood have beautiful colors on them and any one would make an excellent Fall photo. However, I choose to capture this image as it is not your normal Fall scene.

So, as you can see, no matter what is the season, don’t just look for the expected scene in which to photograph, look for the unusual that also describes the season. Then see how it can be captured to represent the glorious time of the year in which you find yourself. You might just capture something just as exciting but completely different than what is expected.

In fact, it can be downright fun to do so…

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black & White Photography


A Foggy & Rainy Morning In Ol’ North Cumberland


Last week we had quite a few days of rain. I took the opportunity of the weather to take a few dismal day photos.

From a nice view point, I liked the way this part of Cumberland looked with the rain and the fog in the background. Looking towards Wills Mountain and the Narrows, up North Centre St., provided me with a scene that sort of reminded me of how Cumberland may have looked in the past.

When I took this photo, I had in mind an old looking B&W image and this is pretty much what I had envisioned when I snapped the shutter. If you click on the image you will get a slightly bigger, and better, view of this photo.

Yeah, this is my world, past and present, and you are welcome to it…

Monday, October 17, 2011

A View From Western Maryland


Fall Along The Potomac River


Sometimes being at the right place at the right time creates a nice blessing.

It had been a rainy morning and in the afternoon I had gone out for a walk along the Potomac River, just East of Cumberland, on the C&O Canal Tow Path. I had been looking for something to photograph to show how Fall was coming along and as I came to his point and looked back towards Cumberland I thought, “This is it.” This was the view for which I was looking.

It was still overcast and everything still had moisture on it from the rain. The lighting was soft and diffused, and I could not have asked for better conditions. I would rather photograph on an overcast day, with just a little directional light than in the sunshine and for me, this image shows why.

Fall along the Potomac River shows how beautiful Western Maryland can be as Autumn comes around, even if you are still within the city limits, as here.

When you come to my world, if the timing is right, the colors are there for you to see, All you have to do is to look, and when you do you will see…

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Street Photography / Black & White


I Wonder What She Is Thinking?     

I came across this foursome the other day and I noticed how the two men were listening quite intently to what the woman at the other end of the bench was saying.

Then I noticed how the fourth person, the Lady in the hat, seemed to be off somewhere in a world all her own. I don’t think she was listening to what the others were talking about, but it amazed me that she just seemed to be all alone in her thoughts.

It was at this point when I realized that I was wondering what she was thinking? I quickly lifted my camera and took this photo. None of them seemed to notice that I was there and the other three just kept on talking, and the Lady in the hat just kept looking off, just being someone in a place of her own choosing. As for what she was thinking… we’ll never know.

Ummm, I wonder what she really was thinking?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sports Photography

SavageMan 30 Triathlon

A few weeks ago I had the privilege and fun of being one of the photographers to cover the SavageMan 30 Triathlon.

The year before I had covered this event and where I set up to photograph the run portion had me seeing nothing but “greenery” as the background for each shot. So, this year I wanted something different.

I had walked along the portion of the run, where I was to work, and I discovered this view where the Lake would be in the background. I felt this was the best place to setup. The open space was being lite by an overcast day and, for most of the event, that is how the lighting stayed. It sure made photographing the Athletes that much easier.

In the first photo you can see where I set up my little photographers seat and “accessories” and from here I could sit and photograph the runners as they came by; and I did.

In the second photograph you can see what the result was. For me, this was far better than last year and it did allow me a little more room for shooting the runners as they came by.

Even though this was within a mile of the finish line you can see that this athlete, at least, was still in good spirits. Maybe it was because he knew the finish line was close and the Triathlon, at least for this day, was almost over.

In fact, almost all of the Athletes that came by were still in a pretty good mood and most acknowledged that they saw the camera and quite a few give different looks from thumbs up, a heart symbol with their hands, to hands flying in the air. They really made good subjects to photograph.

I do love the smile and the look on this Athlete. I call this one "Red Runner"... :-)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Black & White Photography


Dance Of The Mushrooms


No story with this one. I am, however, reminded of the Chinese Dance from the Disney Movie “Fantasia”. If you have ever seen the movie then you will know what I was thinking...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sports Photography


Cross Country Runner

This image is quickly becoming one of the most favored cross country photos that I’ve done.

In most cases it is hard in capturing a runner without some kind of distracting background or other elements in the scene. Usually there are other runners in the photo or views of the track or the seating area, etc.

However, on this occasion I was able to capture this runner with nothing else but the sky as the background. I was in a low position and the runner was by himself and up on a path at which I had just arrived. I just pointed my camera and followed him until I liked what I saw and was able to snap the shutter at just the right time.

I greatly enjoy doing sports photography and every once in awhile I’m able to capture something quite different from the others. This is one of those moments…