Monday, September 5, 2011

Moments In Time


The Time Out Chair


This past Saturday I was photographing a youth football game. The weather was sunny but it was hot and very muggy. The “feels like” temperature was around 100 degrees. Even in the shade, if there was no wind, I would glisten like crazy. Was not a good feeling.

However, next to the field, where I was at, was an old high school that is not in use anymore. Many of the windows were broken out and as I walked past several of the windows at ground level I could feel cool air coming out from inside the building.

There was this one special window of the building, behind the bleachers, that seemed to have some especially cool air coming out of it and several times I would stop by it and just stand there. It was like standing in front of an air-conditioner with the air on low. It really felt good.

Out of curiosity, though, I could not help but get close to the window and look inside. As it turned out, it was the schools gym locker room and shower. As I let my eyes adjust to the darkness I noticed over in the shower stalls that there was a school chair sitting over in the corner. Right in front of it was an old checkered shirt jacket. It wasn't easy to view in the dimness and it took a few moments before I could figure out what it was.

I didn’t hesitate. I already had my camera set on aperture priority and quickly set the ISO to 800. I placed the camera on a broken window ledge, lined up the chair through the viewfinder and took this photo.
I gave the finished image a slight “old photo” look just to go along with the old look of the shower room.

As for the chair and the jacket? I will leave that to your imagination as to why they are there. Maybe this is where they put those who where getting out of hand, and little uncontrollable, you know, those who just needed a little cooling off. What better place than in the showers… :-)

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  1. Nice shot, Glenn. I know we live in a throw-away society, but I am always amazed at the buildings that are "thrown away." Sad really, and to me, this picture captures that. Thanks