Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Travel Photography


Face In The Stone

When we travel to different places to visit I always try to look for something different, something unusual to photograph. It has to be something that stands out from the otherwise normal type of travel photography that one might take when visiting these areas.

As we walked around Harpers Ferry, WV, on a recent trip there, I kept noticing that a number of buildings and walls were made out of flat rock. Seemed to be an abundance of that type of rock everywhere.

As we were inside one of the buildings that are open for viewing, I walked out back and immediately noticed the rock walls everywhere. Then I noticed it. One of the rocks had what looked like, to me, a face in it.

However, instead of photographing just the face in the stone I decided to photograph the whole area and just leave the face in a small part of it for others to find. That’s your assignment. See if you can find the face. I don’t think you will have to hard of a time in doing so…

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