Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Black & White Photography




If you saw Monday’s post – Abandoned – then you will know that this is part two of my talk the talk and walking the walk posts. If you didn’t see it then click on the “Abandoned” link above, check it out, and then you can come back here.

This was found in a back section of my yard as I was walking around. I had already taken the photo for “Abandoned” and was looking for more. As soon as I saw this one I knew I had my B&W photo. It was white to begin with and there was a dark background. What more was there for which I could ask?

I came in close, no macro, zoomed in, composed and fired. In Photoshop Elements I converted this to a B&W image, did a few small settings and this is what I had.

So, now you have two examples of what I was saying when I wrote this:

“The purpose of this journal is to show that you can find something of interest to photograph even if you don't leave your own yard. There are photographic opportunities everywhere you look and they are there just waiting for you to find them.”

You’ve been challenged…

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  1. Aaron Sussman illustrated the same point in his Amateur Photographers Handbook with a spread of photos entitled 'Where there are no photos'. You're right, there is always something to photo. This is a very nice B&W. I like the treatment you've given it to make the thistle head really pop out of the background.