Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Black & White Photography


Road Trip Photo of Mountain Thunder


Here’s why I sub-titled this a Road Trip Photo. I was coming back into town from a service call and as I rounded the curve on Green Street I saw the smoke coming up from behind the buildings. I knew Mountain Thunder was at the station.

I picked up my point & shoot camera from off of the front seat as I rounded the second curve leading to the tracks and Baltimore Street. I lowered the passenger side window pointed my camera and zoomed in enough so that the window, itself, could not be seen in the photo.

Just as I started to cross the tracks I aimed and fired. This is the prey that I captured. It was then that I realized that there was no one in view. I had inadvertently photographed ol’ #734 without anyone being around; mighty unusual. I think that by this time everyone had gotten on board and the train was just about ready to pull out from the station.

Sometimes God does put you in the right place at the right time to get the right photo. For me this was one of those times. I even envisioned the finished photo to be a B&W image and this is it.

Now you know why I sub-titled this, "Road Trip Photo of Mountain Thunder", and I hope you like it…


  1. Live steam is irresistible, and this is a great shot.

    This is my first visit--and I am in complete agreement with your photographic philosophy. There is so much to see close to home, and the camera helps open the eyes to see the familiar. Look forward to seeing more of your work. Thanks.

  2. Hey Edd,

    Thanks for looking and leaving that wonderful comment. It is greatly appreciated. You've got a pretty good site yourself and I like your style of photography and have signed up to follow your work. I'm going to have to check back later and look through you older posts... :-)