Monday, June 13, 2011

Travel Photography

John Brown’s Ghost

Click on the image for a larger photo.

You know me, I’m always looking for something to photograph. While on a visit to Harpers Ferry, WV, I was walking up High Street and as I passed this one building I suddenly caught the glimpse of someone looking at me. Just as quickly as the image appeared, it disappeared as I went by.

I turned and as I slowly stepped back down the sidewalk towards the window I lifted my camera up to my face. Just as soon as I saw the person appear again I snapped this photo. I then stopped and took a careful look and guess what…  it was a wax figure… :-)

I had just walked past the Wax Museum that is on High Street and the wax figure in the window is in a dark room. With that in play, the reflection from across the street shows up quite nicely in the old glass. Add that to the fact that this is a wax figure of an angry John Brown, just barely visible in the window, gives the impression of a transparent ghost looking out at you. I loved it.

I’m just glad that no one else was around to see what I had done. With me standing there afterwards laughing to myself, I can just imagine what they would have thought.

However, I love this image. It was one of those "shoot first and ask questions later" photo. Problem is, I don’t think ol' John Brown would have replied. Besides, the way he was holding that cane or whatever it  was, I think he was a little angry that I had captured this look... :-)


  1. Hey Morriskats,

    Thanks for visiting and for leaving a gracious comment. It is most welcomed. Love your blog BTW, especially the photos of the tunnel... didn't know it was open for public use. Thanks for the tip... :-)

  2. That is pretty cool.
    Check out my picture of John Brown's Ghost that I captured with my camera. Here is a link: