Monday, June 6, 2011

Travel Photography

A Found Photograph

St. Peter’s Church in the Lower Town section of Harpers Ferry, WV, is a church that is well photographed. This gave me a good incentive in trying to see if I could find an interesting way of photographing something that has been photographed thousands of times before, and to do it differently.

When doing Travel Photography I like to do a little research, first, before going. I look for what’s interesting, what’s most likely been photographed a lot and what might I may be able to capture that is different from what every one else might have done.

This church was my target for this travel location. Although I did photograph many other buildings and locations while in Harpers Ferry, my main focus was on this church. I walked around it, looked at it from different angles – from below it, above it and from the side – and when I took a little walk off to the side of the path that leads to it, I came across this view.

Immediately I knew this would be something that most people would not take the time to see. For one, it was off the path a little and most people won’t deviate from where they are supposed to walk to take a photo of something. In addition, I figured that most people, again, would not take the time to photograph something if you could not see all of it nor would they do so at this distance. This was my view.

I checked out the scene by using different focal lengths on my Canon G11 and when I came to this one, I liked the way the stone wall to the front gave it some depth, and the way the stone wall on the right along with the white fence directed your attention directly to the church itself.The four crosses stood out against the sky and I knew I had my photo. I only took one shot and this is the final result.

I now have a one of a kind photo of a building that is well photographed, and it would not have happened had I not taken the time to do my homework before going, and then to take the time to look around and to see how I could possibly photograph it differently. I think I’ve succeeded and with this image I am well pleased. I hope you like it as well…

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