Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Road Trip Photography


Bridge To A Land Time Has Past

I’ve been told that I have an imagination that runs a different wave length. When I was a teenager I was said to walk to a beat of a different drummer. Nice ways of saying “weird”. Yet, I can’t help it if I see things others don’t. Like this image.

In this photo I see a time when horses pulled the plow, roads were dirt and mornings that were filled with the smell of bacon, coffee and freshly baked bread. Can you smell the aroma? See, I told you.

Photography is a way of creating, in our own imaginations, the sights and sounds that we want to experience. When I started across this newly built bridge and witnessed the scene before me my first thought was that of a land that time has forgotten. Now, with this bridge the clock can be set to move quickly forward and allow for this place, this world to finally catch up to the rest of us.

Then my thoughts were of those of my grandparents who came from land like this. How they were happy, went to church and lived a life that sometimes I envy. Then sorrow crept in as I realized that all to soon this land would be touched by modernization and this land would no more be a land of peace and tranquility.

This bridge, this bridge to the past was bringing the future across the river and soon this world would be no more. I realized that the image had to be captured to show what it once was like and I did so. Right there in the middle of this bridge, I stopped time.

Well, there’s a sample of my imagination gleaned from this photo. I would doubt that any of you who have taken the time to read this would agree, but that’s OK. My imagination is for me, and once in awhile I like to let it go and…

Sleep all day, drive all night
Brain my numb, can't stop now
For sure ain't no doubt
Keep an open mind, let it all hang out

The Hombres

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