Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Black & White Photography


Upstream From The Lockhouse

In keeping with a C&O Canal theme, this photo was taken the same day I took the photo that was in Monday’s post.

I wanted to see something a little different, something that wouldn't look like the photo that most people would take. So, I took a walk up the canal on the side opposite the Tow Path. At one point, as I turned around to see how far I had come this was the scene that was before me. I knew this was what I wanted to photograph.

This is how Lockhouse 70 looks about a hundred yards up the canal from the building. In Photoshop Elements, I only converted this photo to a B&W image, added a touch of contrast and optimized it for web viewing and that was it.

I can just imagine that this would be what people would have seen back in the days when the canal was in use. Yeah, I know, they would have seen this in color, but film was still B&W… :-)


  1. wonderful river shore ...

  2. It is so pretty here in our area, isn't it? Beautiful shot.