Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Black & White Photography

Evening At The Point

In the Black & White photo from last week – Cumberland At Eventide – I described how I took the photo from the overlook at Constitution Park. Well, this is one of those places, off to the side, at the overlook.

As I was walking back from the overlook I noticed this bench sitting over on the side. When I got past it I looked back and right away I felt “I have my next B&W Photo”.

Sometimes it just happens that when you see one photo another will pop up as well. This is a good example of looking around for more photo ops even after you got the shot that you want. Never say never and never stop looking, for if you do, you will never see…


  1. I really like your blog! I'm glad I came across it and was able to follow. Great Pictures! :-)

  2. Hi Larhue,

    Thank you for the gracious comment, that was very kind of you. I hope that I can keep posting photos that you like; if not let me know.