Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black & White Photography


Senior Center

 You can click on the image for a larger view.

I had been downtown and was walking back to the office. Just looking around I saw the way the light came across, in a speckled way, the doorway to the old Senior Center. I liked the way it looked but I didn’t like the color.

For a moment I started to keep walking but thought better of it. I took my camera out of my bag and took a few photos just to see what I could do with it in my digital darkroom. I felt that, with the lighting, this would look better in B&W.

I was also amused at the four or five people who stopped to watch what I was doing. Nobody said anything. I didn’t try to hide what I was doing and even smiled and mentioned to the person closest to me that I liked the lighting and I was using it as I was in the process of documenting the older buildings in Cumberland. That got me a couple of smiles and they finally started to go on their merry way.

Anyway, after playing with the jpeg file for awhile in Photoshop Elements this is an image with which I became satisfied. It’s centered, as most subjects should not be, its even in the shading around the photo, and the dramatic lighting on the doorway, as it just sits there in the middle of the photo, makes it work. To have put the door anywhere else would not have given this image the look and feel that it has.

For me it has that classic “Hollywood” look as you would see in older moves, such as Hitchcock’s films. Before, when I started, there were only two basic colors. With some changes in contrast, vignetting and levels we have changed a most plain image into something that is interesting to view. Yes, there are still only two basic colors being used, but they are now in B&W, and for this photo it works…

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  1. I know this door! I have some color photos that I took last fall. I love this b&w the shadows are amazing...almost like they are moving. The b&w contrast in excellent! I do see the curves. Love This One!