Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekly Black & White Photography

         The Last Of This Series...

One Stands Tall

This is the last of my Weekly Black & White Photography posts. I will continue to post a B&W image from time to time but not on a weekly basis. Instead, I'll be concentrating more on my color photography, especially in doing Urban and Landscape photography.

So, for now this is it and I hope you will enjoy this last photo of the series. It's been fun and I've learned a lot about doing B&W photography, but now it is time to move on. Thanks for all of your comments and encouraging remarks and for the suggestions that have come my way. They have all been greatly appreciated.

Beginning next week, in addition to the Views From Western MD, the Road Trip Photography and the Travel Photography I'll be starting a new series that will focus more on the history of my area. I think it, too, will be fun to work on and I hope you will enjoy the photos that I bring you and, in the process, learn more about why I love to live where I do.

After all, this is my world and I want you to feel welcome to it...

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  1. Goodness...that commentary almost brought tears to my eyes! Like saying goodbye to a long-lost friend. But like you wrote, "now it is time to move on". We all reach a point where something new is needed. I've so enjoyed and looked forward to each of your B&W posting. But now, it will be something new for me to look forward to your weekly colored photos.

    This last photo is beautiful. Lovely, strong contrast. A true "lone tree" beauty. Extremely well done!

    Now onto something new for all your followers and yourself. You'll do find...I have no doubt!