Monday, April 25, 2011

Road Trip Photography


Sunshine Feed Store

Located on Route 50 in Burlington, WV is this building called the Sunshine Feed Store. As far as I can tell it is not a working establishment, but it is a building that someone took some time and imagination to colorize. I think they did an outstanding job and I love looking at this place every time I go past it.

Just click on the photo to see it in its original size...


  1. You're absolutely correct - they did do a great job. The colors are so eye catching. The springtime green grass and dandelions add to the color explosion. You captured all this color superbly!

  2. This was an automotive paintshop. The owner used left over automotive paint to paint the building. He also collected old signs, ence the feed sign.

    1. Thanks for the update on this. I felt sure it used to be something like that, now we know. Thanks again for the information. It is greatly appreciated... :-)