Monday, April 18, 2011

Road Trip Photography


By The Tracks

Last Autumn, I was heading back to the office, having completed a networked MFP install, and I had to stop in traffic for road work.

Man, I didn’t need this. I had to get back. There was work to be done and I really didn’t have time to sit here and do nothing. While fuming a little, I started looking around at the scenery. It was then that my motto popped back into my mind, “if you are not looking, you will never see.”

I started to do just that, and as I looked around I noticed that the bright greens and yellows of summer were still present but, also, the saturated colors of Fall, the orange and reds, were starting to come out here and there. It was a great juxtaposition of colors and adding in the railroad tracks, and the field beside me, just made me realize how beautiful the world can be; if you will but look and see.

I picked up my camera, which I always have with me, and took a few photos as I noticed that the traffic started to move again. No, I wasn’t ready, we needed to sit still for awhile. Funny, just a few moments ago I was in a hurry and didn’t want to stop, now I didn’t want to go. I just wanted to sit here for awhile and just enjoy nature in all it’s changing glory.

Having taken a few images, I continued on to the office and I forgot all about these photos until a few days ago. So, even though we’re going into Summer, these are the colors we will see and will, once again, drop back into Fall when the time is right.

Had I not been stopped, had I been a few minutes earlier or later I would have gone by this scene and most likely never would have noticed it. However, this was one of those times when God just said, “Hey, stop, take it easy and just look around see what all I have done.” It’s nice to know that God has the same motto as I…

If you are not looking, you will never see…


  1. Nicely done. I see the autumn colors making their presence known in the background - mixed seasons...great find!

    I love your motto - “if you are not looking, you will never see.” I may just have to borrow this from time to time. It is definitely sooo true...especially for a photographer:)

    Another great capture!

  2. I love these colours Glenn, congrats !

  3. Thanks for all the comments. They are greatly appreciated and most welcomed. You are all wonderful... :-)