Monday, February 21, 2011

Road Trip Photography


Fill'er-Up Memories is located on Rt 9 between Berkeley Springs and Martinsburg, WV.

This image was created with a Point & Shoot camera. The ISO is 80 and was exposed for 1/500 sec. @f/4.


  1. Wow! Love the colors! I'm used to your b&w's:) This one is really eye catching!

  2. now that's my kind of location ... i would go nuts in a place like that! great colour!!

  3. This picture sure took me back to the days of childhood. Not in Berkeley although I've been there many many times but looks like the little station that was less than a mile from where I grew up. Great picture!! Thank you for sharing. Would also like to see the B&W picture too but this one truly does talk to me. :)

  4. A place I'm sure American Pickers would love to try and pick from! Love the shot, all that's missing is a white fluffy cloud in the sky. =)