Monday, February 14, 2011

Road Trip Photography

White Church & The Dual Privy’s

Privy 1
Right Side Back

Privy 2
Left Side Back

White Church & the Dual Privy's
View of Both Behind Church

The Dual Privy's
Up Close

I’ve been by this Church many times, which is on Patterson Creek Road between Burlington and Petersburg, WV. However, this one particular day was the first that I noticed the two small buildings outback of the Church. As I went past I thought… Nah, can’t be…

So, on the way back I stopped at the Church and sure enough I discovered that these two buildings were Ladies & Men’s Outhouses. One on each side of the building. I just had to photograph them as I have never seen a Church with one, let alone two, Outhouses – Privy’s. Here’s the proof that they do exists… :-)

These images were all created with a Point & Shoot camera. The ISO is 80 and was exposed @f/4 with various shutter speeds.

I do love my world and there is much to discover and photograph everyday that I go out and about...

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  1. Ironically enough, until the recent fifteen years - I use to visit many places that only had outdoor toilets. Running sinks in homes were comsidered modern. I remember hand pumping water when on short trips. And these were all within a days drive of here.

    Have you ever been to "the smallest church in the upper 48"? I've got photos somewhere. Near Davis,WV. It has a lovely pond and old well, thought the well is boarded over inside it.. An old outhouse in the woods nearby. And an old postmark place. It's a single room building that is a drop off place for mail. It's not a post Office, and it's got an honor system for post cards and for paying postage on said post cards.