Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekly Black & White Photography

House Of Stories

This image was created with a Point & Shoot camera. The ISO is 500 and was exposed for 1/160 sec. @f/4.5.

On Patterson Creek Road, south of Burlington, WV, sits this old home. I don’t know how old it is but I pass it every time I go to Petersburg. On this particular day I just decided to photograph the place as it looks like it won’t be standing for very much longer.

While doing so, I started wondering what if those walls could talk? Can you imagine the stories they could tell, even if they are just about day to day activities. I can sense the possible laughter that reverberated off of those walls. In times of sadness there would be crying; maybe, even, with big sobs and yup-yups…

The sounds of a baby crying for it’s dinner would carry through the house, and the clanging of dishes in the sink would be heard as they were washed. A wooden table, perhaps, would be in the middle of the kitchen with chairs of various sizes and design around it, and an old refrigerator with a box above it where one would put the big chunk of ice for cooling would be sitting over in the far corner.

A big cast iron wood burning stove would be against the outside wall and early in the morning, on one of the flat burners, there would be bacon and eggs frying in a cast iron skillet. And on Sunday's one could smell the aroma of oven baked chicken. In the living room there would be a basset hound lying on the floor over by the fireplace, and a rocking chair would be nearby. There would be a Bible lying on a stand next to that rocking chair and the pages would be worn with age and use.

I know, I know. I may be putting too much into this but, wouldn’t you really like to know what life was like in that house? What were the people like, what did they wear and what were their dreams? How happy were they? It would be interesting to find out how they made their living, and from where did their ancestors come.

This may have been a normal, unassuming, family but they lived, they laughed and cried, and at one time they made this house a home. And last, what happened to them?

Yeah, having questions and seeking answers, and photographing the interior, could really make this building a true House of Stories…


  1. Now that is old and abandoned! Love the black and white here! The DOF is great!

  2. Lovely shot also, and the conversion is top notch.

  3. Hi Nancy & Nacho,

    Thanks to both of you for your gracious comments. They are greatly appreciated... :-)

  4. That's an amazing scene and a beautiful black and white image. Congrats Glen !

  5. Beautiful. They don't build homes like this anymore. =D