Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekly Black & White Photography

Christmas Past

This image was created with a Point & Shoot camera. The ISO is 800 and was exposed, handheld, for 1/3 sec. at f/3.2.

In the deep dark recesses of my mind lie many memories. On occasion, something triggers a scene, a moment in time from Christmases past, and many times it is like looking into a mirror image of what my minds sees; like what I see in this mirror that is on the stand with the washbowl basin sitting in the corner of the room.

Christmas past has a tree that is wrapped around with strings of large bright bulbs hung loose on the limbs with shimmering colors of red and green and blue; candles, balls and candy canes hang precariously on the edges of branches. The smell in the house becomes one of pine and overcomes all other scents that has come before. It is a wonderful and magical moment filled with fun and laughter. There is excitement in the air and our hearts are excited with expectations of what we might find under the beautifully lit tree on Christmas morning.

And every time a camera is used, pointing it’s open eye at the bright and colorful tree, it is captured on film that always comes out in black & white. But, if you look close, setting free your imagination and inviting your mind to see, the reds the greens and the blues are there, and only then does the black & white come around to full color once again…

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  1. This photo does seem to stir memories of Christmas past...back to childhood! I really like the feel/mood the photo conveys. Another great b&w!