Monday, January 24, 2011

The Color Of Winter

Sky Valley

This image was created with a Point & Shoot Camera. The ISO is 80 and was exposed for 1/800 sec. @f/4.

The other setting that I’ve been using on this camera is called “ Positive Film “ mode. For those of you who might be to young to know about positive film, it is a slide film similar to Kodachrome. However, where Kodachrome had bright saturated colors, this positive film mode tends more to enhance blues, greens and reds very much like Ektachrome, which is considered to be a bit on the cool side. I like this mode and use it quite a lot.

In addition, since Winter has a bluish cast to it, Positive Film mode brings that out quite nicely; as in this photo...

This photo was taken just north of Petersburg, WV. As I topped a ridge, just a few miles outside of town, this was the scene before me. It had been cloudy all morning and now the clouds were just starting to break up. There was a combination of smoke in the valley below along with the early morning steam arising from the South Branch Potomac River.

I only had a moment to grab my camera, point and shoot. The settings were Auto ISO and P for Programmed mode. This gave me the settings above in the first paragraph. If you click on the photo you will see a bigger and better version.

Even in the cool morning hours there is beauty and color to be found in the midst of Winter. It’s out there, and if you just look for it you will find every where… The Color Of Winter.


  1. Glenn, beautiful shot, very lovely curved line of the road just leading us right in. Just a gorgeous landscape, and I truly appreciate that you did not try to "amp up" the saturation here.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Oh, I should say I lived in Maryland for about 18 years (Montgomery County, and Prince Georges County).

  3. Thanks Nacho,

    I really appreciate you taking the time, not only to view this photo, but to leave a comment as well. Comments like yours makes it all worth well. Thank you... :-)

  4. Beautiful shot Glenn!

  5. Just looking back on your posts. What an awesome capture. It is simply beautiful.