Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black & White Photography

Black & White “Green” Tree

This image was created using a Point & Shoot camera. The ISO is 100 and was exposed @f/5.6.

If you saw the Road Trip photo... Painted Trees... from Monday’s post you will recognize this tree. It is one of the two trees that was in the Painted Trees image. Only this was a separate photo from which I created a Black & White image and added just a touch of color back onto the tree. That is how I got this effect.

Again, if you click on the photo you will see a bigger and better image...

This, too, was taken while on a Road Trip but it was handled differently in my digital darkroom which, basically, is just Photoshop Elements. You can have a lot of fun with your photography and you really don’t need the more expensive Photoshop. Unless, of course, there are things you want to do that Elements won’t handle. In which case I say go for it.

Some of my photography friends use Lightroom and the full version of Photoshop and they can create some great images with them and they have, and I do have to say I'm sort of envious of their work.

But as for me, at my age, Elements it is, although I may move up to version 9 for Christmas…


  1. Another very nice edit job! The effect you end up with almost has a mysterious feel to it. Keep the photos coming! Always something new and interesting:)

  2. This is amzingly done Glen, congrats.
    Very impressive.

  3. Hey Nancy, Patrick...

    Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate hearing from such terrific photogs as yourself.

    And Patrick, I enjoy seeing photos from a part of the world I'll never get to visit. You let me know how beautiful France is. Keep in touch... :-)