Monday, November 22, 2010

A View From Western Maryland

Farm and The Corn Maze

This image was created with a Point & Shoot camera. The ISO was 80 and was exposed for 1/320 sec @f/4.5.

Taken in Garrett Co. Maryland, you can see this farm and the corn maze from an overlook just a couple of miles off of I68 on 219 south. The photo was created just a few weeks ago.

It may seem that I have quite a few photos taken in Garrett Co. but that’s only because my job takes me there more than any other area. So, I’m in a better position to photograph that area more than any other; and I really don’t mind. I could live there, if it weren’t so darn cold there in the Winter time.

Now if I was wealthy, retired and had a cabin on the lake. Nah, it’ll never happen…

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  1. no kidding, that is cool!

    it is beautiful country up in GC. Can't go wrong as a photographer up there!