Friday, November 19, 2010

Everyday Photographer

Overcast Photography

These images were created with a 10MP Point & Shoot Camera. The ISO was 200 and exposed @f/5.6.

When the sun goes behind the clouds the cameras are usually put away. Why? At times like these you can capture some great colorful images, if you will just look for them.

On overcast days, clouds are nothing but big diffusers creating soft light that, with or without wet weather, can result in some wonderfully saturated images. These three photos are examples of this. I preset the ISO and the f-stop and let the shutter speed adjust itself according to the conditions. In addition I used the “ Positive Film “ mode on my camera.

In Positive Film mode the camera emulates Slide Film and creates images like what you might get with Kodak Ektachrome; with emphasis on the Reds, Greens and Blues. This along with soft & diffused sun or sky lighting you can capture some really interesting colorful photos.

Then, in Photoshop Elements I adjusted Levels for color correction to make sure the colors were right, added a little vignetting, some contrast and a touch of sharpening and that was it. You don't have to do all this, but I would recommend, at the very least, to adjust Levels to make sure the colors are correct and add a touch of sharpening after re-sizing for web viewing. You will find your photos will look much better when uploaded to a web-site.

Try it sometime. The next time the sun is hidden by the clouds grab your camera, set it to Vivid or Landscape mode, if you don’t have Positive Film mode and go out and see what beautiful images you, too, can capture. The images are out there but, if you don't look for them you will never see them, and when you learn to see the photography becomes easier.

One more little tip. Always keep a camera of some kind with you. When you do and you've learned to see, you just might surprise yourself.

Have fun…

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