Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekly Black & White Photo

The Side Door

This image was created by using a DSLR and a 28 – 200mm lens. The ISO was 200 and was exposed for 1/80 sec @f/8.

When I look at something like this I enjoy letting my mind wander and giving my imagination free reign to run wild . For instance, who all went through this door, what were they thinking and who was the last person to come out that door before the business closed down.

Just imagine the stories that are there, feelings that it knows and the emotions used in opening and closing the door. Did anyone fall over the rail? Did a fight ever occur on the landing or maybe a quick, secret kiss occurred in the shadow of the inside corner?

There is history here, more than could fill a book and we’ll never know the half of it.

Yeah, this is my world full of wonder, imagination and thoughts of stories left untold, and you are welcome to it.

1 comment:

  1. Great shot Glenn.

    My mind thinks "where have the stairs gone?" when I see this photo.

    Not as poetic a thought as yours. :-)