Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekly Black & White Photo

1918 Baldwin Locomotive

This image was created by using a DSLR and a 28 – 200mm lens. The ISO was 400 and exposed for 1/500 sec @f/8.

The Builders Plate on the side of the Engine reads, “The Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia U.S.A. 43105, April 1918. With that in mind I felt that a photo with the look of a 1920’s style photograph would be the best way of showing this scene.

Yes, this is the same Locomotive (Mountain Thunder) as seen in last weeks photoblog entry, but with a different view and a different effect. And this image I like even better than the one from last week as it seems more like what a photo might look like back in the 20’s or 30's and captured on 120 or 220 B&W square film in a box camera.

Yeah, even 20’s style of photography is part of my world and I hope you like it…