Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekly Black & White Photo

Approaching Cumberland

This image was created by using a DSLR and a 28 – 200mm lens. The ISO was 400 and exposed for 1/640 sec @f/8.

While photographing a recent festival – Canalfest/Railfest – I was in a position one day to photograph the train known as “ Mountain Thunder “ approaching Cumberland for its tourist run to Frostburg. Hence the name “ Approaching Cumberland “.

I’ve photographed this train many times before but never from this particular viewpoint and I loved the way it was coming at me. My first thought was that this would make an excellent Black & White photo and that’s how I viewed this image when creating it. In addition, the last step in my digital darkroom was to add a little of a vintage photo look to the image which I think makes it look a little unique. I like it and I hope you agree…

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