Monday, October 25, 2010

A View From Western Maryland

Morning On Baltimore Street

This image was created by using a Point & Shoot camera. The ISO was 80 and exposed for 1/100 sec. @f/4.

I went to downtown Cumberland this past Saturday morning and there is always something happening on the mall. Shops and vendors were already out and ready for the day and the colors were just exploding all over the place. Even the color of the trash receptacles fit in with the setting.

A number of people were already over at the train station waiting for the Saturday run of Mount Thunder and a large group of kids and adults were down at Canal Place for the bike parade that had been scheduled; they soon would be coming through the mall where I was walking.

When you visit Western Maryland and Cumberland in particular you will find it a rare moment if there is nothing going on. So, come on down and spend some time with us. There is entertainment, art and historical events and places everywhere. Something for young and old alike. Western Maryland, a good place to spend the weekend.

Yeah, this is my world and you are welcome to it.

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  1. Love this colored streets, my american dream ;-)