Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekly Black & White Photo

The Cold Is Coming

This image was created with a DSLR and a 50 f/1.8 lens. The ISO was 1600.

Fall just arrived and with the change of weather I just wanted to let you know what could be ahead; snow and cold. Ok, I know this isn't nice. Snow and cold will be upon us soon enough but, for me, if I think of this now the cooler temperatures I'm experience these past few days don't feel so bad. Only a couple of weeks ago it was hot and we had the air on. In fact just this last Saturday it got up to 95. Right now the temp is 60.

So, enjoy the still warm weather while you can. It will change soon enough. Let's see, I still have to clean out the gutters, caulk around some windows, mow the grass, wax the vehicles... Man!!!

Yeah, this is my world, and if it gets this cold and snowy again, you are definitely welcomed to it... :-)

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