Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekly Black & White Photo

The Lock Box

This image was created using a DSLR and an 18 - 70mm lens. The ISO was 800.

This coming weekend is the Canalfest/Railfest Festival and I'll be there photographing the event again this year. I thought I'd give you a little challange, if you show up. This is a Lock Box somewhere at the Western Maryland Rail Station. See if you can find it. Should be easy if you look closely at the photo.

When you do find it, just let you imagination flow on how is this used. What is it used for and are you sure what's inside is what you think is there? Come for the Train Pull contest Saturday morning and look around until you find it and then find a good spot to sit back and watch all the groups pull the train. It is quite interesting to watch and photograph.

Hope to see many of you at the Festival this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (24th, 25th & 26th). Lots of entertainment, good food and it should be a lot of fun again this year. Come and join in the fun of celebrating our area's transportation heritage.

Here is a link to the Schedule of Events for the 3 day festival...

Yeah, this is my world and you are welcome to it...


  1. We will be there as long as the rain stays away! I will be sure to find the lock box and snap a photo!

    Hope to see you there!


  2. I'm lovin this photo. The creative elements are awesome. Not only is the lockbox unique and interesting... but the lines in the background add more depth to it. I like the contrast too. Nice shot!

  3. I snapped a photo of it on Saturday. My sister thought that I was nuts...felt like a photo hunt! lol