Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekly Black & White Photo

Young George

This image was created with a DSLR and an 18 – 70mm lens. The ISO was 200 and exposed for 1/20 sec @ f/8; the camera was sitting on a tripod. The on camera flash was used, at a –1 stop under, to provide a little fill to the shadows and to help make the statue stand out against the building.

Earlier this year this monument was raised and dedicated on the front lawn of the Allegany County Courthouse to honor a young George Washington.

The left plaque reads, “At the age of sixteen, George Washington first visited Allegany County, (then Frederick County), and was a guest of Col. Thomas Cresap, at Oldtown. He had been employed by Col. Wm. Fairfax to survey the valleys of Patterson Creek and the South Branch of the Potomac, part of the vast tract of land of which Fairfax was proprietor.”

The right plaque reads, “On October 16, 1794, President George Washington arrived in Cumberland to review about 5,000 troops of the Maryland and Virginia militia gathered here during the Whiskey Rebellion. A few days later, this militia army assembled upon the parade ground of old Fort Cumberland, where the Allegany County Courthouse now stands. The President appeared dressed in his full military uniform, and the entire population of the town was present to witness this historic event. General Washington rode along the line, from right to left, and was loudly cheered by the men. Afterwards the command marched in review, and Washington raised his hat as a salute, while they passed. Generals Henry Lee and Daniel Morgan also were present and participated.”

President Washington was one politician who governed, not for the good of the party nor for the good of his own career, he governed with the common good of the country in mind.

Nothing more needs said…


  1. Great capture Glenn.
    Your use of the on camera flash has worked perfectly here. Well done!

  2. Thanks Glen, I've been playing around with using the built in flash, just for fill purposes, and sometimes it does well by just adding that little touch of lighting without the shadows. This one did come out OK. Glad you noticed...