Monday, August 16, 2010

Travel Photography

The Umbrella Man


This image was created with a DSLR and an 18 – 105 lens. The ISO was 200 and exposed for 1/125 sec @f/5.6.

As he came out of his office he had with him the papers, that were needed, stuffed into a large brown envelope. He looked around to make sure no one was watching as he headed off to the meeting. The umbrellas was his signal that he had the information for which they were waiting. Utmost secrecy needed to be observed.

Love starting out that way, especially when taking travel photos that separate reality from make believe. When you see something like this, capture it. Keep the present day out of the scene and create an impression that you are back in time.

When you have your camera ready with a good ISO and preset with an aperture or shutter speed, I prefer setting the aperture, then you are ready for anything that jumps out before you. Then all you have to do is point frame, focus and fire away.

When you have a good camera, and knowing how to get the best from it, then you can capture a number of photos while you are traveling that you will be glad to show to everyone. Don’t settle for just the “here we are at so and so” photos but create something that others won’t take the time to do or even think of doing. That’s why practicing taking make believe photos are a fun way of capturing those great travel photos.

You are there but, then again, are you really there?

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