Monday, August 2, 2010

Travel Photography

Emmanuel Parish

This image was created with a DSLR and an 18 – 70mm lens. The ISO was 200 and exposed for 1/125 sec @ F/8.

Emmanuel Parish is probably the most photographed church in Cumberland, MD. The church stands at the east end of what was Fort Cumberland. The building that you see here, was consecrated on Oct. 16, 1861. Emmanuel Parish has been in use ever since, and there are still remnants of tunnels used by the troops, stationed at Fort Cumberland, in the basement area of the church.

Fort Cumberland was used basically from 1754 until about 1765. Col. George Washington commanded the VA troops that were stationed here and Gen Braddock used this fort as a staging area for his campaign against Fort Duquesne. You can see a model setting of Fort by going to this link – Fort Cumberland

Most photos of Emmanuel are usually taken from the other side which shows most of what the church building looks like and you can see this church from one end of Downtown Cumberland to the other. I wanted something different, hence this view which was taken late evening with the golden rays of the setting sun shining on the church’s spiral.


  1. oh Glenn. this is spectacular!

  2. Thanks Mindy, your comments are always welcomed and very kind.