Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly Black & White Photo

Lock Overflow

This image was taken with a DSLR and an 18 – 105 lens. The ISO was 200 and exposed @ F/8.

When the C&O Canal was in operation, as the boats were in the Locks and being lowered down to proceed down the canal towards D.C., the water that was backing up in front of the closed gates needed to go somewhere. That somewhere was a diversion into the overflow channel.

This photo shows one of those channels. If you go to this link at YouTube – C&O Canal 1917 – and go about 2 minutes into the film you will see what I believe is Lock 75  that goes with the travel photo of Lockhouse 75 that I posted on Monday of this week. As the boat comes out on the other side, and the film camera is looking back, you will see how the water comes out of the overflow channel, just to the right of the lock.

History becomes one with the landscape, and now history and nature are one…

Yeah, this is my world, I love it, and you are welcome to it.

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